Spy Am I: The Future of Social Gaming on Mobile

Beta launching in 9 countries

Spy Am I is the first game from Going AFK Games. It is based off the PlaceMark gaming platform, which allows the creation of virtual reality game worlds for social games on mobile. Spy Am I is the first game to be developed on this platform.

Going AFK Games is a mobile gaming startup currently building a next-gen platform for social games. Our focus is on in-depth social games that have pre-populated interactive environments, built using our PlaceMark platform.

To prove this platform we’ve developed Spy Am I, just recently released for Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch). It is currently in Beta initially for Canada and now just launched in 9 other countries: Australia, Bahamas, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States, and the British Virgin Islands.

Our platform provides a solution to a common problem when developing current large-scale social games. These games, such as massively multiplayer RPGs, require a vast game world for players to interact with. This can be a huge undertaking to generate from scratch. Our goal is to provide a framework to make this possible. We also want to push social game development beyond the walled gardens that currently exist. Companies such as Zynga hold a massive share of the social gaming market, however do not provide a platform for building other social games off of.

To help generate this game world we are tying it to real world locations. For the Beta these are pulled from Facebook's Places location API. The point here is to easily provide a game with a rich virtual reality environment that is familiar to players. This also opens up opportunities for businesses to not only push their branding to players but to also actually provide a tailored game play experience (for the purposes of promotions, advertising, or actually getting players to come through the door).
Spy Am I is a massively multiplayer RPG in which you take the role of a secret agent. You complete missions to level up, get special spy gear, and rise in the ranks above other players. The game world is populated by not only real world locations but also virtual locations, such as your spy headquarters. We developed this game on our PlaceMark platform, specifically themed and on Apple’s iOS. However the platform is not limited to this specific theme or device, and future games may have a completely different theme and run on different devices all running on the PlaceMark platform.

We have had a great response from the initial Beta test group in Canada. Players have logged hundreds of hours of gameplay and visited over 13,000 unique locations generated by our platform (each with a real world counterpart). We have also been continously adding content (new missions, weapons, and characters) to the game without requiring app updates; this is another feature of the PlaceMark platform. We are currently working to expand the Beta and continue to develop the game further.

Going AFK (Away From Keyboard) Games is a startup based in Ottawa, Canada. Created in September 2010, Going AFK has received seed funding in order to develop the PlaceMark social gaming platform and Spy Am I.

"Spy Am I is a mashup of a location based application and a spy game - on steroids." iWatchLife, Ottawa DemoCamp 15
About Going AFK Games

Going AFK Games is a mobile gaming startup that has developed the PlaceMark social gaming platform. This platform allows the creation of in-depth social games on mobile that have pre-populated interactive environments.